"A special mention must go to Phil Reid as Buttons. He played the role of the buffoon with a heart brilliantly and you couldn’t help but feel for him when Cinders turns down his affections. His sketch with 2 unsuspecting audience members was one of my highlights and it appealed to both the adults and the children in the audience alike."


                                                                       - Musical Theatre Musings

"Then their was Buttons played by comedian Phil Reid, who is no stranger to the comedy that is portrayed in pantomime with the classic dad jokes – that even had him chuckling. He made sure that he got the kids involved and showed of his many talents especially with his ventriloquist act, with two unexpecting members of the audience!"


                                                                   - Katie Rose, Stage Door

"Someone who certainly does immerse himself into every ounce of available comedy is Phil Reid in his panto debut as Buttons. Not being a household name doesn’t worry this young master of mirth as he justifies Qdos’ confidence in his casting. Perfectly suited to the role, Reid even manages to bring a little hands-on-hips Lee Evans to his performance as he wins over the audience with ease."


                                                                               - Sardines Reviews